Bridging Polarities Conference in Budapest
Alternative Approaches of Dealing with Social Crisis in Europe

Our international team of circle keepers hosted a conference in Budapest, consisting of dialogue and engagement in the circle process. The national coordinators of the RCCE (Restorative Circles for Citizens in Europe) project shared their experiences regarding a series of 6 circle weekends in 9 EU cities with participants holding polarized views. We held group discussions using the talking piece on hot topics related to one’s national and EU citizenship. We also included guest facilitators to conduct workshops applying alternative methods that deal with relevant social issues. Conference participants had a chance to declare their topics of interest in an open space, and  the issues and the methods were combined in a series of facilitated workshops.

Date: September 21-23, 2017

Location: Müszi, Budapest, Hungary,

Conference Invitation (pdf)

Conference Agenda (pdf)

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